The App


IT starts at the tip of your fingers

The JetSet mobile app is the key that opens the door to a new world of travel possibilities. We want to move past the antiquated and obsolete tools that are costly and inconsistent, and introduce a frictionless way to spend money while abroad. Our goal is to give the traveler options on when and how they spend their money and give businesses an alternative form of electronic payment without paying heft processing fees to credit card companies.



We started by

looking at traveler behavior. What is the device that every traveler uses the most nowadays? A smartphone. As access to cellular data becomes more readily available globally, developing an easy to use app was our first goal. No need to carry extra cards, remember pin numbers, or worry about loss or theft.


Then we looked at

which types of customers we want to serve. While many businesses accept credit cards, many businesses don’t, and those that do are still subject to credit card processing fees. Additionally, travelers are still losing out on poor exchange rates, lack of consistent financial structures and regulations, or have no access to credit cards while abroad. So we needed to find a way to solve both problems in one app.




By allowing both businesses and travelers

to sign up using one app, we’ve streamlined the process to use the JetSet network, and give travelers a real time map of where they can use JETS tokens while abroad. For businesses, we’ve developed an easy way to get up and running, tie into the services they already use, and make transactions as seamless as possible.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


The Hub and Spoke


reimagining the atm

The Hub and Spoke are the physical extension of the JetSet network. It’s a logical expansion to help travelers get the benefits of the best exchange rates and no fees to withdrawing cash internationally at a series of terminals spread out within a country.



The Hub

(pictured left) is a large ATM-esque terminal that will be located in major transportation centers (airports, train stations) and within the center of major cities in areas highly populated by tourists. It will allow travelers to withdraw cash at the best possible exchange rate with only a 1.5% transaction fee incurred. When a traveler is done with their trip, they simply return to a Hub station and deposit the unused currency back in, replenishing their account and freeing them from the burden of taking unusable currency with them on the rest of their trip.


The Spoke

station (pictured right) is a hybrid Point-of-Sale and ATM system that allows businesses to accept JETS tokens not only as a form of payment, but to also allow them to dispense cash as well in limited amounts. This allows the reach of JetSet to expand without incurring huge costs to anyone.




The goal of the Hub and Spoke

is just that - to act as a larger, ever growing footprint of JetSet into countries that are well traveled by tourists and business travelers alike. We want to help businesses save money on processing fees while still being able to utilize electronic forms of payment, and give travelers peace of mind when it comes to not losing money to fees and commissions, and not having to worry about the security of their cash.


Growing Footprint


The end goal

The Hub and Spoke is supposed to work exactly like that. We want to continually deploy our machines to create a far-reaching footprint that keeps a traveler close to any type of terminal that allows them to access JetSet.