What is JetSet?

JetSet is a global marketplace and ecosystem powered by the JETS token. It is an end to end network that supports the traveler in multiple ways, starting from booking flights and accommodations to helping them withdraw fiat currency in their destination country. We will be deploying a physical network of terminals called Hubs and Spokes that supports a traveler during their entire trip. We are more than just a place for travelers to book and buy things pretrip– we support the traveler from the time they book their flight to well after they’ve returnedhome and are unpacking their bags.


When a traveler is stepping off a long flight in a foreign country, they often don’t have many tools readily available to them. Cell service is dependent upon their home country’s cell plan, and services directly available to them at the airport are often overpriced. As mentioned earlier, foreign currency is one of the biggest and costliest hurdles. With the JetSet platform, we can eliminate those immediate off-the-plane hurdles.

When a user signs up for a JetSet account, they deposit money into their account in several ways.They can use an ACH transfer, use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Stellar, or their credit and debit cards. Tokens are purchased and deposited immediately through the desktop app or mobile app, with a confirmation email sent to the user.